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Coach seeks to reignite ‘spark’ in relationships

Meghna Mahambrey did not set out to be a relationship and sexuality coach.

After graduating from college, the founder of Spark Relationship + Sexual Wellness in Worthington was employed as a preschool teacher. An invitation to teach an early childhood course at Wright State University put her on a different path.

Meghna Mahambrey

As a young person, Mahambrey had a keen eye for her environment. This curiosity proved inspirational.

“I was observing relationships around me, then blundering through my own,” she recounted.

“Let’s face it – sex education, let alone relationship education – is nonexistent in most communities in this country,” she said. “We learn by trial-and-error, which is OK, but the truth is there’s biological and sociological science that factors into relationships.”

A college course helped Mahambrey gain some perspective.

“I navigated (relationships) the best way I knew how,” she said, citing some familiar themes of youthful relationships: confusion, angst, trauma and feelings of failure.

“I took a human sexuality class that completely turned my world upside-down. It made me realize I was normal.”

While teaching at Wright State, Mahambrey was given the opportunity to design a course on intimate relationship skills.

“Communication skills, emotional intelligence, expressing gratitude – these are all factors in the success of our relationships,” she said.

The course was immensely popular with students, who continued to seek her counsel outside of the academic setting. To meet the demand, Mahambrey designed workshops and retreats for interested participants.

Mahambrey eventually completed a doctorate in Human Development and Family Science and accepted an adjunct professorship at Ohio State University. All the while, a new trail was emerging for the Clintonville resident.

After being accepted to deliver a TED talk in 2019, interest in her workshops grew. Mahambrey continued teaching, but “Spark started taking over,” she said.

As requests for more and different workshops and coaching opportunities increased, Mahambrey gave up her academic career to meet the demands of her growing business.

After kicking off with a workshop titled “Five Love Languages” at Seventh Son Brewing in February 2020, Spark was forced into virtual mode because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, organic interest in her product continued to grow.

“I kept getting contacted through social media and other reach-outs,” she said.

In addition to group workshops, Spark now offers business workshops (“It’s a different kind of health retreat”), private parties, and private sessions for singles and couples. In 2021, one-on-one coaching expanded.

After getting her start with college students, Mahambrey’s client demographics now fall largely in the 30-50-year-old age range.

Mahambrey credited Spark’s success on the methodology.

“The focus on everything is educational – knowledge and skills you can use in real life,” she said.

While the content is serious, the approach is hardly clinical. Workshop venues are selected with that in mind.

“We don’t want to do this in a hotel conference room or a library meeting room,” Mahambrey said. “We want it to be a date night.”

For anyone scared off by any potential social stigma of seeking out Spark for relationship guidance, Mahambrey offered reassurance.

“Spark is not affiliated with a church, government or (other larger sanctioning organization),” she said.

“We are completely independent – I’m not a counselor here to diagnose problems.”

To celebrate Spark’s 2-year anniversary, Mahambrey is presenting the same workshop at the same location that gave Spark its start.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, she will discuss the Five Love Languages at Seventh Son Brewing, 1101 N. 4th St., on Saturday, Feb. 12.

Her office is located at 693 High St. in the Historic District of Worthington.

For more information, visit her web site sparkwithmeghna.com.

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